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What is Bravo Wellness?

Bravo Wellness is an incentive management program that provides employers with both cost savings and potentially healthier employees.

How Does it Work?

Bravo Wellness rewards results. That's the difference.

In other types of insurance, low risk is rewarded. Good drivers pay less for car insurance than bad drivers. With Bravo Wellness, employees who live well and wisely manage their health will be rewarded.

Bravo Wellness is helping USAble Mutual Insurance Company to create a solution that ties wellness screening results (i.e., tobacco use, cholesterol, body mass index, and blood pressure) to what employees pay for healthcare coverage or benefits.

A New Kind of Wellness Program

Bravo Wellness programs feature a key component that traditional wellness campaigns lack: motivation. Financial incentives dramatically increase employee engagement: employers can expect 92 percent employee participation with Bravo Wellness.

And most importantly, employers won't have to wait years to see the return on their investment. With Bravo Wellness, there is an immediate ROI — a savings of between 3 and 10 percent of current healthcare costs, depending on how the program is structured.

Bravo Wellness Will Take Care of the Details

Whether employers need them to coordinate all the elements of the program or certain components, Bravo Wellness gives employers the road map and takes care of the details. They understand federal and state regulations, including HIPAA, and they are skilled in wellness regulations for group health plans.

Bravo's unique services include:

  • Expert wellness incentives plan design.
  • Coordination of biometric screenings.
  • Communication support for employees.
  • Administration of appeals, rewards and “reasonable alternatives.”
  • Advanced incentive tracking for custom exports to payroll and eligibility systems.

For More Information

Contact your USAble Mutual marketing representative if you would like to schedule a presentation by Bravo Wellness.