USAble Mutual Insurance Company

Authorization Information for Radiological Services

An outpatient diagnostic imaging program is active (since March 1, 2007) for members of USAble Mutual Insurance Company health plans.

Physicians are required to secure authorization for the following outpatient procedures: CT Scan, MRI/MRA, Nuclear Cardiology and PET Scan.

USAble Mutual utilizes Texas National Imaging Associates (TNIA) — an independent company — to provide prior authorization services. For more detailed information, please see the Radiology Management Guide or Reminders.

Radiology Management Reference Guide [pdf, 328 KB]
Detailed information regarding the new prior authorization program for outpatient diagnostic imaging services.

Radiology Management Reminders [pdf, 57 KB]
Tips to expedite the prior authorization process.

Access to RadMD

Doctors can access to find updated information on a member’s authorization information — including date called, date approved, exam category, valid billing codes (CPT) and more. To sign up for an account to access RadMD, go to and select the "New User" button. Complete clinical guidelines also are available at RadMD is operated by NIA d.b.a. Texas National Imaging Associates (TNIA). NIA is solely responsible for the content and operation of its website, including the privacy laws that govern the site.